Greymoor Expansion Brings Skyrim to The Elder Scrolls Online

Greymoor is the latest expansion heading for The Elder Scrolls Online and will part of a year-long journey titled “The Dark Heart of Skyrim”.

The journey kicks off in March with the Harrowstorm dungeon DLC and the full Greymoor chapter then launches on PC May 18th and consoles June 2nd. You can find the official information from Bethesda here.

“In this new chapter, you will take part in a massive year-long story and help the besieged Nords investigate the emergence of horrific supernatural events called harrowstorms. Monstrous vampires and other dark beasts have emerged from the depths below Solitude, and it is up to you to put a stop to these dark events and discover the ancient evil at their heart.

This new chapter also introduces a new system, Antiquities, that allows you to scry and uncover ancient relics from all over the continent. As a would-be archeologist, you shall unearth fantastic new items and collectibles in your quest to discover Tamriel’s hidden history.”

Our Take

The Elder Scrolls Online has rather quietly grown a dedicated fanbase and expanded into a truly admirable MMO. Adding a year long Skyrim expansion is undoubtedly going to bring in new players. Will you be jumping back in or for the first time?  Let us know your thoughts!

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