Smash Direct : All the Announcements from the Smash Brothers Stream

The latest Smash Direct just wrapped up and Sakurai’s team had some exciting announcements for the millions who enjoy Super Smash Brothers Ultimate.

First up, the next fighter to join the roster is Byleth from Fire Emblem. “Challenger Pack 5” will be available on January 28th for $5.99.


One of the bigger surprises was that Cuphead is being added as a Mii Costume complete with his own music track. Additional Mii Costumes were announced including characters from Assassin’s Creed, Rabbids, and Mega Man.

Cuphead Smash

There will be six more fighters joining Smash Brothers Ultimate as part of the pass. They will be released prior to the end of 2021. You’ll be able to pre-purchase the pass for all six as of January 28th.

smash packs

smash sakurai

Our Take

It seems that some are disappointed by Sakurai’s team continuing to focus on Fire Emblem characters. But regardless of your feelings on that subject specifically, the team continues to offer on-going support of Smash Brothers Ultimate and with a pass announced full of characters through the end of 2021, that’s not going to end any time soon.

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