Gears 5 : Operation 2 Introduces Free for All Mode and More in December

The second operation, titled Free for All, is coming to Gears 5 on December 11th! The next big update to Gears 5 brings a load of content including:

  • Free for All permanent playlist
  • New characters including Lizzie Carmine and Baird
  • New maps
  • New modes in addition to Free for All

Operation 2.jpg

Also, in case you were unaware, Thanksgibbing returns Tuesday (November 26th). Here are the details from The Coalition.

“It’s time for Thanksgibbing! Forget the leftovers and gather your Gears family and blow them to pieces with insane Cluckshots.

Arriving on Tuesday, Thanksgibbing is a variant playlist where everyone starts with a Cluckshot – a version of the Boomshot that fires hyper deadly chicken projectiles. (Why chickens on Thanksgibbing? Because of this beauty of a Gears 3 Easter Egg!)

In Gears 5, we’ve turned the Cluckshot up to 11 – it’s the Cluckshot you know from Gears 4 until you hit an active, making your projectiles flying chickens that will carpet bomb explosive eggs along their flight path.

Yes, we did just get to write a paragraph explaining we have carpet bombing chicken weapons in Gears.”

Our Take

Gears 5 continues to evolve and while we’ve had a lot of complaints, The Coalition is working to meet fans expectations so it’s great to see things like Free for All and Lizzie coming to the game soon. See you online!


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