Valve Releases a Few Details on Half Life : Alyx

While it’s not exactly what players were expecting, a new Half Life is on the way in the form of Alyx; a VR title that takes place between Half Life and Half Life 2. It releases in March and if you missed the announcement trailer, here it is:

We’ve now learned a little more about the title in that it follows Alyx and her father Eli as they form a resistance against the alien Combine. Accoring to Valve, it is a full length Half Life entry and is compatible with a variety of VR devices including the HTC Vive and Rift. If you purchase a Valve Index system you will also get the game for free when it launches.

Our Take

While this isn’t what fans were necessarily asking for, we have to say it looks really impressive and we’re excited to see the type of experience it offers. Whether or not we’ll ever see a proper Half Life 3 is one of the industry’s greatest mysteries, but at least we’re getting some new Half Life content.


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