343 Industries Provides Clarity Regarding Departure of Halo Infinite Lead Producer

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After Tim Longo’s departure just a few months ago as Creative Director on Halo Infinite, it came as quite a shock to see that Mary Olsen, the Lead Producer, had also departed. Naturally questions began to arise around the state of Halo Infinite and rightfully so given it being the flagship launch title for the Xbox Scarlett next Holiday season.

John Junyshek, Community Manager for 343, provided some insight into the situation and why some of the headlines have been misleading. You can find the full post here, but here are the highlights:

  • Contrary to prior reports, Mary did not replace Tim after his departure as he was Creative Director and Mary was not involved in that capacity.
  • Mary’s role was to support multiple teams on deliverables, particularly relating to the campaign. But roles and responsibilities shift in time.
  • All of the teams inside 343 Industries are rallying behind Infinite to execute the vision for the title.
  • There is no creative dilemma nor writing on the walls.

Our Take

While we’re still slightly concerned, this is reassuring as Halo Infinite is one of our most anticipated titles and obviously a hugely important title for Xbox. We expect some news in the coming months on a multiplayer beta and we are certainly ready!

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