Naughty Dog Responds to Criticism of the Lack of Multiplayer in Last of Us 2

Outbreak day was yesterday and while the world over got to see more of one of the most anticipated titles in the industry, it came with a caveat that many players didn’t expect. That is, The Last of Us 2 will have no multiplayer component.

While the core of The Last of Us is the story and thus the related characters, a community formed around the original’s multiplayer modes. It seems many were surprised to learn that it would not be carried forward to the sequel, particularly given the lengthy development time. Naughty Dog officially responded yesterday evening with the following statement:


Our Take

While disappointing and should be discussed, the multiplayer in The Last of Us is not the core part that the majority are excited about we feel. The statement above is interesting however as while it clearly states there will be no multiplayer in Last of Us 2, it alludes to the fact that there could be a stand-alone Last of Us multiplayer component coming in the future.

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