Reports of Treyarch’s Former Studio Head, Jason Blundell, Being Fired are Incorrect

Update: After several sources including us reported on this, Activision offered a formal statement correcting the new. Jason Blundell has in fact, not been let go from Treyarch and is still directing the Zombies experiences along with other creative assignments. You can find Activision’s statement below.

We sincerely apologize for reporting out incorrectly on this!

“While we typically don’t comment on rumor, as a personnel matter we feel it’s important to address. Jason has not been fired, and in fact, he continues to direct the zombies experiences for Black Ops 4. In addition, Jason, along with a handful of developers, are working with Activision to develop new creative opportunities.”

Original story:

Sources are reporting that Jason Blundell, once the Studio Head of Treyarch who became well known due to his work on the popular Zombies mode, has apparently been fired. The news comes courtesy of Gaming Intel who also noted that “9 other executives” were let go as well (though they were not detailed).

Blundell became well known, and was thus promoted, for his work on Black Ops’ Zombies mode eventually leading to his promotion to Studio Head. However, development of campaign for Black Ops 4 was handled poorly and thus resulted in the title launching without a campaign; a very unpopular move with fans.

Treyarch then reportedly demoted Blundell to the Lead Zombies Developer, but according to the report, this affected his job performance and he has now been let go entirely.


Our Take

This is an interesting report and comes at an extremely strange time. If you recall, there was a report a few months ago that Sledgehammer is being passed over for the 2020 Call of Duty entry with Treyarch taking it’s place. A 2 year development cycle with disruptions in staffing does not bode well for one of the largest AAA IPs in the industry. We’ll be paying close attention to this development over the next 6-12 months.

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