Gears 5 : All DLC Maps to be Free, No Packs or RNG

Gears 4 released at a time when “packs” were just becoming popular in games and thus implemented an RNG based Gear Pack system. Fans have been outspoken about their implementation for some time now along with the reservation of DLC maps in private play for season pass holders. Thankfully The Coalition has been listening.

Major changes in this vein are coming to Gears 5 and they all sound extremely positive. Outlined via a post on, here are the highlights:

  • All DLC maps will be free for online and private play and there is no season pass.
  • There are no Gear Packs.
  • There will be a new content system to unlock items in-game titled “Tour of Duty”.
  • All additional purchases will be direct with no RNG.


Our Take

It’s fantastic to see The Coalition listening to fan feedback and making Gears 5 more enjoyable for players (while also keeping the community fully together). With these additions to unlockables, and the new Escape, Horde, and Multiplayer modes, we’re expecting fans to enjoy Gears 5 for a very long time.

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  • andrewsqual -

    That’s great news for the hundred or so people still playing it less than 6 months after launch like with Gears 4. But then, there were only 525 million Windows 10 and Xbone total users back then. Now its up to 834 million so it will be up to around 250 people playing it after 6 months. But then it will be on Steam too so that will bring it instantly to thousands, to the pleasure of the developers and everyone involved.

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