Battlefield V : Data Mine Unveils New 5X5 Mode along with Weapon, Map, and Perk Details

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Thanks to a data-mining sleuth on Reddit, we have some insight into future updates for Battlefield V including new maps, weapons, and perks. Let’s dig in.

The new maps are supposedly the Lofoten Islands (Norway) and Al Marj Encampment (Libya). Descriptions for each location in real-life were referenced through Wikipedia.

Lofoten Islands : “Operation Claymore was a British commando raid on the Norwegian Lofoten Islands during the Second World War. The Lofoten Islands were an important centre for the production of fish oil and glycerine, used in the German war economy. Through naval gunfire and demolition parties, 18,000 tons of shipping were sunk. Perhaps the most significant outcome of the raid was the capture of a set of rotor wheels for an Enigma machine and its code books from the German armed trawler Krebs.”

Al Marj Encampment : “Marj grew around a Turkish fort built in 1842 and now restored. During the colonial dominance of Libya (1913–41), the town was called Barce and was developed as an administrative and market centre and hill resort. During the World War II North African campaign, the 1st Field Regiment, Royal Australian Artillery won a battle for the region of Barce on 5 February 1941. The regiment commemorates this battle by naming the facilities at its base at Enoggera as Barce Lines. From 1942–1943, the town was the capital of British-occupied Cyrenaica.”

There were four new weapons uncovered which you can find the full details of below.

M2 Carbine : Assault Rifle

“The M2 Carbine was the select-fire variation of the iconic M1A1 Carbine. US troops loved it due to its firepower, light weight, and small size.” (Ingame)


  • Fire Modes: Single & Auto
  • Rate of Fire: 830
  • Muzzle Velocity: 610 (690 with Fast Bullets Spec)
  • Magazine Capacity: 31
  • Max No. of Magazines: 4
  • Reload: 2 (1+ bullet left) / 3.05 (empty)


  • 0m – 11m: 21 dmg
  • 12m – 50m: 20 dmg – 17.5 dmg
  • 50m+: 17.5 dmg


  1. Quick Deploy or Quick ADS
  2. Improved Hipfire or Reduced Horizontal Recoil
  3. Mag Dump Hipfire or Improved ADS while Moving
  4. Fast Bullets or Fast Move while ADS

Breda M1935 PG : Assault Rifle

“The first burst assault rifle of the era. Fires an accurate and deadly 4-round burst.” (Ingame)


  • Fire Modes: Single & Burst (4 Bullets per Burst)
  • Rate of Fire: 599.9 (720 with Rate of Fire Boost Spec)
  • Bursts per Minute: 128 (150 with Rate of Fire Boost Spec)
  • Muzzle Velocity: 700
  • Magazine Capacity: 20
  • Max No. of Magazines: 4
  • Reload: 2.3 (1+ bullet left) / 3.5 (empty)


  • 0m – 35m: 30 dmg
  • 35m – 50m: 30 dmg – 27.78 dmg
  • 50m+: 25 dmg


  1. Quick Deploy or Quick ADS
  2. Rate of Fire Boost or Quick Cycle
  3. Fast Move while ADS or Reduced Horizontal Recoil
  4. Improved ADS while Moving or Improved ADS while Stationary

Model 37 : Shotgun

“Tactical shotgun. Alt-fire loads a single slug round in the chamber infront of the normal buckshot rounds.” (Ingame)


  • Rate of Fire: 163
  • Muzzle Velocity: 333
  • Magazine Capacity: 5 (7 with Extended Mag Spec)
  • Max No. of Magazines: 7 (5 with Extened Mag Spec)
  • Reload: 0.67


  1. Quick Reload or Quick ADS
  2. Heavy Load or Slugs
  3. Improved Penetration or Increased Headshot Damage
  4. Extended Magazine or Improved Trigger

S&W Model 27 (short and long variant available) : Sidearm

“Powerful ammunition and a longer barrel allows the Model 27 to hit harder at longer range than other pistols.” (Ingame)


  • Rate of Fire: 179.9
  • Muzzle Velocity: 400 (short variant) 460 (long variant)
  • Magazine Capacity: 6
  • Max No. of Magazines: 4
  • Reload: 3.21666

Damage (short variant):

  • 0m – 15m: 56 dmg
  • 15m – 37m: 56 dmg – 28 dmg
  • 37m+: 28 dmg

Damage (long variant):

  • 0m – 12.5m: 56 dmg
  • 12.5m – 50m: 56 dmg – 37.5 dmg
  • 50m+: 37.5 dmg

The new 5 on 5 competitive mode details were uncovered a short while ago. The basics are as follows:

  • ​Objectives in this mode are usually Capture Flags, Raid Caches, or Plant or Defuse Bombs
  • Respawns are often limited (depending on the game mode) but you can always squad spawn in by spending your team’s requisition
  • Medics are able to revive squad members even if they were taken out by a melee attack from behind
  • Only two trais for the scout commandos grant “unrevivable” kills (Ambush Kill / Stopping Power Headshot)
  • Spotting will play a more essential role as it is (alongside with other general things) taught by a tutorial mission
  • Blinding enemies with flashbangs (Captain) or tear gas (Panzerbüchse 39) are a new gameplay element

You can find the full details on the classes and rankings courtesy of the same Reddit user here.

Our Take

Battlefield V has been an interesting release. It didn’t do as well as EA and DICE had hoped at launch and while Firestorm brought some unique elements to the table, it hasn’t taken the community by storm either. Adding a competitively ranked, 5 on 5 mode several months post-launch is certainly interesting but we’re not sure how well it will be adopted. That said, we’ll certainly be trying it!


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