Rumor : Modern Warfare 4 Details Leak Including Modern Warfare 2 Remastered


As is typical prior to E3, you’re seeing us post more rumors. We don’t post everything, but rather aim to only post rumors that we feel have validity. Based on what we’ve heard and speculated about Modern Warfare 4, we believe these details could be accurate. With that in mind, here they are!

  • Campaign is confirmed and is a prequel to the original Modern Warfare.
  • As we’ve heard, specialist perks return along with killstreaks and function as you remember them (including a game-ending nuke).
  • COD points return and are used as in-game currency to unlock skins, camos, weapons, attachments, etc…
  • Spec Ops mode returns.
  • Classic maps like Highrise and Terminal return and are pre-order bonuses. Additionally, maps have day/night and clear/rainy cycles.
  • The Modern Warfare 2 campaign will be remastered and included with the MW2 multiplayer suite to join the fold in 2020.
  • Classic movement will be used which means no sliding, wall jumping, etc…
  • There will be bonuses for players who have played the old Modern Warfares.
  • Lastly, there will be no Zombies, and no new battle royale.

Our Take

This is really intriguing. As we just discussed on Bitcast 58, we didn’t know how they were going to handle battle royale and according to this leak, it seems they will continue to focus on Blackout for battle royale and a new experience within MW4 for campaign and multiplayer. No matter what, we’re really interested to see this in action and hope we’ll see this in the coming weeks at or around E3. Let us know your thoughts!

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