Activision changes COD Developer for 2020, bringing Black Ops 5 earlier than expected.

In a surprise move, Activision appears to have informed both Raven and Sledgehammer that they will not be developing Call of Duty in 2020. Instead, Treyarch will be bringing Black Ops 5 in 2020 according to Jason Schreier.

This is interesting and adds to the potential on-going confusion internally at Activision. Traditionally COD developers switch every year which allows for a three year development cycle for each Call of Duty. Raven and Sledgehammer were due to deliver their next entry in 2020 though the game they were working on has not been announced (typically isn’t until the E3 prior to Fall release).

Treyarch has exclusively developed the Black Ops series. Sledgehammer has not worked on a specific series, instead focusing on Modern Warfare 3, Advanced Warfare and most recently World War 2.


Our Take:

Activision has suffered from negative headlines and this likely won’t help the case. We have yet to see what Call of Duty will be delivering this year, but we know that its Modern Warfare 4. We are expecting to see more at E3 which is right around the corner!

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