Grand Theft Auto V Surpasses 110 Million Copies Sold

As part of their fiscal year reporting, we learned from Take Two Interactive that Grand theft Auto has now surpassed 110 million copies sold. This of course, makes it one of the best selling titles of all-time.

Additionally, Red Dead Redemption 2 was said to have surpassed 24 million copies sold and that Red Dead Online is not only performing well, but coming out of beta next month.


Our Take

Rockstar simply has the magic touch. Any other developer would generally be happy with a title selling a few million copies. The fact that GTAV continues to sell well over 6 years since launch and has now surpassed 110 million copies is surreal. It’s also great to see RDR2, one of the few games we’ve given a Historic score to, performing extremely well.

By Seasoned Gaming

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