Epic Game Purchases Psyonix Studios, Rocket League Leaving Steam

We certainly didn’t see this one coming. Epic is continuing to flex it’s muscle and earlier today, announced they have purchased Psyonix Studios who are known first and foremost as the developers of Rocket League. Of course the major news here is that it means Rocket League will be pulled off of Steam later this year.

The financials were undisclosed, but Psyonix did provide a short, formal statement on the acquisition which you can find here: Psyonix joins Epic Games


Our Take

Epic Games has been flexing their new found Fortnite muscle for several months now and this is simply the next move. Of course what will be discussed most is Rocket League, a game with tens of millions of players, leaving Steam. No matter how you look at it, Epic is putting a lot of pressure on Valve and we have to imagine that at some point, Valve will respond. How of course, will be interesting to see. We’ll be watching.

By Seasoned Gaming

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