Borderlands 3 Clip and Skill Tree Info Leaks Ahead of May 1st Reveal

Making the rounds since yesterday evening has been a short clip of Borderlands 3 ahead of the official gameplay reveal tomorrow, May 1st. There are quite a few things that have leaked in addition to this clip which we’ll break down in a moment. But first, here’s the mirrored clip on Streamable:

Borderlands 3 Clip

Now, you can clearly see the new UI and gun stats in the clip. But here’s some additional things we’ve learned:

Guns can have 6 variations beyond their stats. They are:

• Normal (impact)

• Radiation

• Shock

• Fire

• Cryo

• Corrosive

Next, here is a page with all UI elements turned on to demonstrate what you can expect to see from a character perspective:

UI Test

Next, by modifying the Twitch extension some crafty folks were able to find the skill tree layouts. We warn you of course, if you’re waiting to be surprised by all of this info, you may want to skip the rest!


Lastly, if you really want to go down the rabbit hole, check the thread below with instructions on how you can load up the Twitch extension and see all of the Vault Hunters’ skill trees:

Thread on Using the Twitch Extension to See Skill Trees

Our Take

This of course should have been expected as any time you have players on a title before the official release, some information is going to leak. With the anticipation for Borderlands 3 being at critical levels, it’s no surprise to see the lengths some fans have gone too. For us personally, we prefer to mostly be surprised by the title. But we knew some fans would want to see ahead of time!

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