CD Projekt Red Speaks on Cyberpunk 2077


Courtesy of Area Jugones, the Quest Director on Cyberpunk 2077, Mateusz Tomaszkiewicz, has given a little more detail on the title and how it’s evolved since it was shown at E3 last year.

“We are constantly polishing and thinking how to make the game more interesting, how to make the gameplay more cool and, well, the demo shown last year was only a small fragment of the actual game. There wasn’t a clear picture of how the game fits into an open world or how it fits into a larger image of the game. So, there are many stuff that we didn’t show yet, there are many things that we are still working on. I would say that the game is pretty different to what we shown last year but there are many details that we are currently working on.”

Tomaszkiewicz continued on the gameplay:

“I would say that Cyberpunk 2077 is an open world game with a strong narrative component set in a dark future. It is an RPG with decisions and consequences where everything you do matters. Well, I do not know how much more I can put in the box, it depends on the source we use. I would say that there are many ways to play in terms of gameplay and it offers a wide variety of options depending on how you want to play the title and allows you to enjoy the way you want to play. I think that’s how I would describe the title.”


“I would like to make a reference to one of the previous questions and that is that our game is mainly an RPG, then the combat in the first person is something added to this genre. In this way, the gameplay in Cyberpunk offers a variety of ways to complete the missions and I think this is the biggest difference because it not only matters the shooter side, but also how to incorporate this aspect in your way of playing through the title. And we have a good amount of mechanics that are based on this concept which we have not yet shown, so stay tuned.”


“In addition to this we are working on bringing good and fun combat mechanics and I think we have a wide range of weapons that will make our game stand out. I do not know if you remember in the previous demo that there were smart rifles and this is something that I have not seen much in the current FPS. Also, I think that in terms of gameplay we have some ideas and things that are not ready yet and that we are trying to implement, because they will be very good.”

Tomaszkiewicz, speaking on the gunplay in Cyberpunk 2077, claimed that they land between arcade and sim.

“I think it would be something in between, because it is an RPG and we have statistics, damage and so on. And as you know, enemies also have stats, then it is not super realistic like a World War II title where a shot means to be dead, but I would say that it does not reach the level of arcade like the examples you have described (In this case they were Borderlands and Bulletstorm). Here you still need to cover yourself, then you can not just jump and avoid enemies. Although there are ways to play the title in this way using for example the melee weapon we saw last year, the katana. And if you move in this direction you will achieve a more arcade style for your character. In short, I would say it would be something in between.”

Our Take

Cyberpunk 2077 continues to be one of our most anticipated titles above nearly everything else. We love that CDPR is taking their time to polish the game just as they did The Witcher 3, and we’re truly hoping that it will be optimized for next-gen consoles so that it can be played in even greater fidelity next year.

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