Sea of Thieves : Everything Coming in the Anniversary Update

Sea of Thieves first anniversary is nearly here and Rare is putting the final touches on the largest update to the title yet. The anniversary update arrives on April 30th and will bring with it substantial additions to the core of the game. Below is a look at what you can expect starting with the official trailer.

Tall Tales is likely the most sought after addition to Sea of Thieves for those waiting for a narrative experience as it’s the closest thing to a “campaign” we’ve seen yet. The first of these Tales is titled “Shores of Gold” and will consist of nine quests that are estimated to take around 15 hours to complete. During your voyage, you’ll encounter new puzzles, areas, and enemies as you travel to an undiscovered island that lies beyond The Devil’s Shroud.


The Arena has been discussed for some time now and it finally arrives with the anniversary update. The arena is for those looking for a pure PvP experience as players will be placed in a condensed version of the map with the core objective being to sink enemy ships. During the battle you’ll also be fighting for silver which can be had not only by sinking enemy ships, but by also digging up chests and turning them in to specific points on the map.

Given the new Arena mode, it also makes sense that ship dynamics are expanding as well. After this update, holes in your ship can grow over time and you can lose full control over your ship by your mast, wheel, or anchor taking damage as well. But you’ll have a new tool at your disposal in the harpoon! The harpoon can be used on other ships, enemies, chests, and more. We can only imagine the chaos this will cause among crews!

Fishing has been requested since the title’s launch and well, fans can rejoice as it joins Sea of Thieves with the update. In addition to fishing, players will now also be able to cook a wide variety of foods including the fish they catch and even kraken and meg meat! Not only will cooked food provide greater health benefits (along with potential health regeneration) than the bananas we know and love, but it can be turned in for additional gold as well. Better yet, in coordination with fishing is a new Trading Company titled The Hunter’s Call!



A few new variations of the skeletons are expected as well. Beyond additional variations on the standard skeletons, the key addition is skeleton lords which will have new move sets at their disposal and represent a more formidable battle than the ones you’ve met previously.

Lastly, Rare is adding a new chest type to find which can contain gold and other goodies. It can also be used as a transport device and kept on your ship for additional storage should you choose!

Rare has also posted an official year in review video which you can find below:

Our Take

Sea of Thieves has grown exponentially since the title’s launch just a year ago and this anniversary update demonstrates Rare’s continued focus on the title for the long term. Over the past year, the game has developed a healthy community of dedicated fans and we’re sure this massive update will have more players returning to the islands for another voyage. We’re certainly excited to jump back in.






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