Rumor : Borderlands 3 Details Leak Ahead of Reveal

As we always make sure to say, we take all rumors with a grain of salt here at SG and rarely report on them. However, the details below have leaked from multiple sources now and therefore we believe they have slightly more credibility than most. We should know definitively tomorrow from Gearbox at PAX East, but until then, here’s some of what we’ve heard about Borderlands 3.

  • The story takes place 5 years after Borderlands 2.
  • There are 4 Vault Hunters again which are as follows:
    • A Beastmaster who has the ability to summon AI creatures to help him fight.
    • A female gunner class who can summon a mech that can be ridden.
    • An older, male assassin/stealth character who uses gadgets.
    • A new female siren
  • Each of the Vault Hunters will have multiple action skills that can be built and modified with their abilities.
  • Weaponry is now able to be modified with interchangeable parts of various rarities just like the weapons themselves.
  • The main enemies are “The Calypso Twins” who lead a new mob that replaces standard Bandits. They have their own weapon brand which will replace the Bandit weapons from BL2.
  • New elements will be introduced.
  • The story includes:
    • Tannis and Rhys
    • AI Jack
    • Tina as an adult
    • Various cameos from other core characters
  • You’ll begin on Pandora but as expected, will be able to travel to multiple planets via a ship which will act as the new Sancturary.

Our Take

After reading through the details we’ve learned, it all seems plausible and that’s what concerns us as it could be fake. However, if true, it seems as though fans could be very happy particularly with being able to travel to multiple planets (which was hinted at the end of BL2) and modifying weapons (which alone could improve the loot hunt ten-fold). We’re massively excited to learn more about Borderlands 3 so we’ll keep you updated as we learn more!

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