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I’m sitting here with my family on a giant interactive game board game playing as, of course, Bowser. Roll my dice. 10! I’m going to own this game! Let’s check my choices. One route, unlucky space. No thank you. The other route, unlucky space. Crap. And so it goes nearly every time I play the new Super Mario Party. But don’t let my terrible luck steer you away from what actually is a refreshing take on an old stand by.

Played with up to 4 players, Super Mario Party is a great couch co-op game in a time when the genre is seeing fewer and fewer releases. The base game is played on a game board with various different spaces like the aforementioned unlucky space. Players roll a dice, choosing between a standard die and one unique to their character. Mario’s, for example, has three 3’s, 4, 5 and 6. Some characters like Bowser, have more of a risk vs reward feel with the chance to lose coins. The amount of characters to choose from is more than generous as well.

The goal is to have the most coins and stars (which are worth much more) at the end of a set number of turns. There are power-ups you can get or buy throughout the board. After each round, players get to go against each other in one of the game’s huge amount of mini games. Could be a free-for-all, 1 vs 3 or 2 vs 2. It’s totally random. The games are for the most part really fun. We never repeated any of them during any of our games.

Another cool feature, assuming you have access to two Switches, is Toads Rec Room. It allows you to play a few different games like an actual table top board game. You put the two units side by side and you get one almost seamless board. It’s definitely a unique experience but I don’t see it being used very often. Even though I own two Switches, I much preferred the standard way to play.

In the end, even though I enjoyed myself with the game, it’s still the same game that we’ve seen in the past. Sure, there’s some new bells and whistles, but I feel like I’m playing the same game I played 3 or 4 years ago. However, if you’re looking for a fun game to play with the family, you could do much worse than Super Mario Party.

By Dan Rodriguez

Life long gamer and digital hoarder. Been playing games since the Atari and Colecovision. Co-host of The Seasoned Gaming Bitcast and Senior Contributor at Seasoned Gaming.

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