Red Dead Redemption 2 : A Detailed Summary of the Latest Reveals


Credit goes out to user PvtFreaky on Reddit for summarizing a plethora of RDR2 previews and videos into a concise list of features that have been revealed. There’s some truly impressive details here. Enjoy!


  • The tents in the camp are upgradable and unlock new features. Example: Dutch tent unlocks a fast travel map
  • Talk to your gang members during horse rides
  • Gang members also loot bodies after a fight
  • You have to share a portion of your loot with the camp via ‘donations’
  • You can sing songs with gang members
  • Camps are described as ‘homely’
  • The camp is optional so it isn’t a big cousin that wants to go bowling
  • Your allies flank and give covering fire
  • Morale is important. Alcohol raises morale
  • Keeping the camp happy will give hidden benefits


  • The gang is still in it’s heyday when the game starts
  • RDR2 starts with the Blackwater robbery and afterwards they flee to the Grizzly’s.
  • The gang left their money in Blackwater
  • Arthur could take prisoners, leave them to die in the snowy mountain or kill them on the spot
  • When and how you complete missions is irrelevant to the story. This is no Witcher so no multiple outcomes and endings.
  • How you complete missions does have an impact on how NPC’s react to you


  • Arthur can swim, but not very well
  • Arthur has to wear the right clothing for weather or suffer stamina penalties
  • Removing bandanna after committing a crime makes the wanted level go away faster
  • No more full outfits but full customization
  • Layered clothing
  • Tuck your pants into your boots, wear belts over clothing, roll up your sleeves, etc.
  • Arthur can get fat or skinny. So eat healthy and exercise
  • You can wear dead animals as hats
  • You can lose your hat but it will spawn on your horse
  • Mirrors reflect and Arthur will make comments: “You are getting old Arthur.”
  • Arthur get dirt under his fingernails
  • You can take a bath
  • Beards grow and you have to groom them. Barbers do a better job than you.
  • Lighting strikes (which could hit you)


  • NPC’s remember behavior. Example: NPC remembered Arthur helped him after a snake bite
  • A farmer will behave differently then a sheriff
  • NPC’s put bounties on your head and bounty hunters will come after you
  • You can talk with every NPC and the remember your conversations
  • NPC’s comment if you are dirty/bloody
  • Most NPC’s have terrible dental hygiene
  • NPC’s react to environment and lean on things
  • Townspeople remember your crimes even after you paid your bounty
  • All NPC’s have schedules
  • The AI maneuvers around you, seek cover and even climb houses to gain the high ground.
  • If you don’t hit NPC’s in vital organs they might absorb multiple bullets
  • NPC’s might fall to the ground but get back up to surprise you
  • Hand to hand combat is more dynamic. Faces deform after getting hit. Black eyes, bruises, broken lips.
  • People grown when crouching or picking stuff up
  • Animal cruelty is a crime. Shoot a dog and someone will tell the sheriff
  • When you join a group in conversation they will talk about you too


  • You have to pull back the hammer before you can fire
  • Gunfights are much slower
  • Cover is really important
  • When hit you can gain a limp and lose stamina
  • You can pet animals. Petted dogs won’t bark at you again
  • Prisoners can be tied to trees
  • Play honorable and gain more bounty cash
  • Dollars are as much worth as in 1899
  • Shoot hats of people and steal them
  • Move-able dead bodies
  • Track-able animals
  • Shoot horses so they throw off their rider
  • Deadeye: now has 5 levels, Level 1 allows for slowdown, Level 2 allows you to paint targets and unleash a barrage of shots, and Level 3 allows you to manually pick your shooting points, etc.
  • Shoot weapons out enemies hands
  • Crafting weapons, foods, drinks, etc.
  • Dive rolling and diving while shooting in deadeye
  • Bounties return
  • Train heists outside of missions
  • Hunt legendary animals
  • Hunting with bow gives more money for pelt
  • You can see where you hit an animal
  • All buildings are enterable
  • Fire warning shot at animals and NPC’s


  • Can hold these weapons at the same time: 2 small guns, 2 rifles, lasso, throwing weapons and a knife.
  • Guns have stats
  • You have to clean your weapons or their stats become lower and they might jam
  • Guns sound really powerful and make booming sounds. Sounds carry really far
  • Every part of the gun is customizable. From the hammer to the grip.
  • Bullets load one by one
  • Bow and arrow count as rifle but is stealthy
  • Double wielding again confirmed
  • Shotguns blow off arms and legs
  • Guns have way more recoil
  • Bandolier: Ammo capacity for longarm weapons is increased by 50%
  • Gunbolt: Base ammo for sidearms is increased by 50%
  • Holster: Slow degradation of all weapons by 20%
  • You can spin guns when putting them away
  • TNT throwing, throwing knives and gattling guns return
  • Different types of ammo and ammo is craftable
  • Weapons rust


  • Dynamic horse testicles, they shrink in cold weather
  • Name your horse
  • You can scold or praise your horse
  • Whistle radius grows when the horse bond grows
  • Horse equipment is fully customizable, from the saddle that has golden pins to the hair
  • A Dutch preview said they put dreadlocks in the hair of their horse
  • Horses shit dynamically
  • Walk your horse around
  • Jump from your horse onto a moving train
  • Brush your horses. Arthur makes remarks about the horse depending on the horses gender
  • Store horses in stables so you have more backup horses
  • Horses die and can’t be resurrected
  • Tell a horse to flee to spare it’s life
  • Horses kick behind them. In one preview they even killed a man
  • Horses have personalities
  • Horses move sideways
  • Horses can learn tricks


  • Sprinting by tapping (X)
  • Weapon system similar to Max Payne 3. Weapon wheel.
  • Customizable HUD. Remove at will the radar, HUD or compass
  • Aim assist can be tuned down
  • First person and 3 third person views confirmed
  • Cinematic killcam from Max Payne 3. Depends on your honor level from which perspective you see it.
  • Stealth and crouching confirmed
  • Tricorn camera’s and selfies confirmed


  • John Marston and Bill Williamson have the same voice actor as the last game
  • Opossums play dead like in real life
  • Drive-able trains
  • The map contains 5 states: Lemoyne, Ambarino, New Hannover, West Elizabeth and New Austin
  • Dead bodies won’t despawn but decompose and attract scavengers
  • Newspapers return
  • Condensation and glowing heat from bullets
  • Snow trails
  • Mountains rise above the cloud line. So no dynamic weather
  • Hunted animals make terrible dying sounds
  • Animals have a different marker than dead bodies
  • You are able to pick up most items in the game
  • Different camera angles
  • Spilled oil has that “rainbow” look to it
  • 192 music tracks from original composer
  • Physics just like real life
  • Honor system returns
  • Prostitutes can be used but no full nudity
  • Gunfight legendary shooters
  • You might find notes in drawers and learn useful information
  • Dynamic weather yet again confirmed

Our Take

This information is truly amazing and certainly what we expect from Red Dead Redemption 2 in it being a revolutionary title for the industry. And keep in mind, this is before they’ve even gotten into updates, DLC, or RD Online. There’s not much else to say at this point. If anyone has a time machine and plans on taking it to late October, please take us with you.

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