An Update on SG from Porshapwr

A few weeks ago I posted an update explaining that Seasoned Gaming would be offline for a short while. As those who follow SG know, we have always been open, honest, and straight to the point.

Three weeks ago, the day after we at SG arrived home from E3, my 17-year-old son was shot and killed. My wife and I have heard the words “I can’t imagine” countless times from friends, co-workers, and family over the past three weeks and I can assure you, that is wholly accurate.

So if you were wondering where SG’s content has been, particularly the loads of post-E3 content we had planned and spoke about during the conference, I hope you now understand.

Trust me when I say that SG isn’t going anywhere and E3 only made us more excited to produce higher quality content, more often, than ever before. I only ask that you bear with us for a short time. And to all those that have reached out to me directly, thank you. The outpouring of support from the community, in particular those who I’ve met solely because of SG or some content I created, is heart-warming.

I look forward to once again interacting with the best of the gaming community.



By Ainsley Bowden (Porshapwr)

Founder of, avid game collector and enthusiast since the Atari 2600 era. You can find me online or on Twitter as Porshapwr as well. Thanks for checking out Seasoned Gaming!

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