PUBG Xbox : Test Server Dates and Times for the Weekend of May 4th (Updated)


The latest round of server times for the Xbox PTS has been published and you’ll be able to play on both Miramar and Erangel this weekend with further improvements and updates. Here are the details:


Day One

May 5, 5am PDT – May 5, 11pm PDT

May 5, 2pm CEST – May 6, 8am CEST

Day Two

May 6, 8am PDT – May 6, 11pm PDT

May 6, 5pm CEST – May 7, 8am CEST

Day Three

May 7, 8am PDT – May 7, 11pm PDT

May 7, 5pm CEST – May 8, 8am CEST


Solo TPP



Some of the improvements you can expect on this new build:

Settings menu changes:

  • Game settings are now grouped up by category.
  • Colorblind settings have been added
  • Crosshair settings have been added
  • Added a new slider interface
  • Added an option to adjust strength of game controller vibration.
  • Added an option to set deadzone for the left analog stick.
  • Aim acceleration can now be completely disabled if set to 0.
    • Those of you who previously set it to “0” may want to set it to “1” to preserve the feel from previous patches.
  • The game controller function guide has been updated.

Scopes have been changed to be more realistic:

  • Expanded all scopes’ field of view
  • Added a parallax effect when moving weapons quickly
  • Added vignetting (darker edges), chromatic aberration (color difference caused by light refraction), and a distortion effect on the edge of scopes

You can find the official thread with the full patch notes and feedback here: PUBG Test Server Main Forum

Our Take

The improvements and continued revisions continue for PUBG on Xbox and we continue to dump a lot of time into the title. The game is feeling more and more steady and we’re excited to jump back into Miramar later today. Are you still enjoying PUBG on the Xbox?  Let us know!



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