PUBG Corp. Lays Out Roadmap for both PC and Xbox Versions

There’s a lot planned for PUBG and with Fortnite really turning the screws in the Battle Royale department, the PUBG fanbase has been anxiously awaiting details on what’s coming in the future. Fortunately, PUBG Corp. dropped a load of info yesterday.

As PC is the core platform, let’s start with that roadmap as it gives insight into the future of the game overall. Here are some of the highlights.

  • Not only is another 8X8km map in the works, but a fourth map that will be half the size at 4x4km is in the works as well. It promises faster, more intense gameplay.

  • An Emote system is in the works thus allowing you to taunt other players after you’ve embarrassed them on the battlefield.
  • New game modes are being planned.
  • New vehicles, weapon attachments, and specifically a new 7.62 rifle are coming.
  • Achievements, in-game friends list, and voice chat in the main menu.
  • Limb and vehicle specific bullet penetration.
  • Continued optimization and stability.
  • Esports and custom games.

You can find all of the details and the official post from PUBG Corp. here: PUBG PC Roadmap

As for the Xbox version of PUBG, as the title is still in Game Preview, the focus continues to be on optimization, stability, and options for players. It’s safe to assume the Xbox version shares the same roadmap as the PC version above, but it’s obviously on a different timeline. A few of the details specifically mentioned are:

  • Both in-game and menu optimizations.
  • Improved inventory management.
  • Additional controller configuration options.
  • Updates to vehicle bullet penetration.
  • Game highlights and achievements.
  • Console test server.
  • Finally, it’s been confirmed that Miramar is coming in early Spring.

You can find the official post and all the details here: PUBG Xbox Spring Roadmap

Our Take

We continue to adore PUBG here at SG and while, like everyone else, we’d like the updates faster we certainly understand the development timelines. It’s great to hear about new maps with different sizes, new game modes, and continued updates to the game overall. In the meantime, we’ll continue playing it as we have since release!

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