Fortnite 2.5 Patch Notes Include Battle Royale Updates and Spring It On! Event


Epic continues to rapidly evolve Fortnite and given the titles on-going, and even growing, success, it certainly behooves them to do so. Update 2.5 is a large one and includes many fixes and changes to both the PVP and PVE modes along with a new PVE event titled “Spring It On!”.  You can find all of the details directly from Epic here:

Fortnite 2.5 Update

Our Take

After the announcement of Fortnite surpassing 3.4 million concurrent players across all platforms, we can only imagine that Epic is working overtime to continue growing the title. With the free Battle Royale mode now challenging PUBG and the PVE side of the game still expanding (and representing the game’s revenue stream), it’s impressive to see the kind of growth the title has experienced since launch.

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