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Grand Theft Auto Surpasses 90 Million Sold, Over 15 Million in 2017 Alone

The GTA V train continues to steam along at record pace. Take-Two announced the massively popular title has now sold over 90 million copies in total. What’s more impressive however, is that it sold over 15 million copies in 2017 alone thus outselling nearly every other new release. GTA Online also made more revenue in 2017 compared to any year prior.

Our Take

As with PUBG, we’re not sure when this train ever slows down at this point. With more people playing GTA Online than ever, it seems that Rockstar has found a way to keep GTA V running endlessly. With RDR2 coming later this year and presumably taking a similar path, we’ll have to see how Rockstar eventually transitions to GTA VI while retaining all of the features players have come to expect in the current GTA Online.

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