The Surge 2 Announced, Arrives in 2019


The Surge Facebook page which you can find here, made an unexpected announcement when they changed their banner to an announcement for The Surge 2.  The title will arrive in 2019 for consoles and PC and as of now, here are the only details we have:

With larger and more ambitious level design, more brutal combat, and an expanded limb-targeting system, you’ll need the even larger arsenal and array of abilities to overcome the new enemies and bosses!

Our Take

While not a huge sales success, the Surge was well regarded and has garnered a dedicated fanbase who applaud the level design and upgrade system. If Focus Home Interactive and Deck 13 can manage to expand on the offering while retaining what fans loved about the first, The Surge 2 could be a large hit in 2019. We’ll update you as we learn more!



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