Kingdom Come Deliverance : Of Minds, Blades, and Schnapps

After years in development, Kingdom Come Deliverance is nearly upon us. Releasing on February 13th, there is certainly excitement in the air as this massive game nears that has the potential to delight fans of both old-school, hardcore RPGs and more modern experiences like Skyrim.

There have been a lot of questions on the menu system, skills, loot, etc… and this video, released by Warhorse Studios today, does a good job of showing what players can expect. Take a look!

Our Take

The more we see of Kingdom Come Deliverance, the more excited we get. It looks to offer a world that can truly be molded to the player and thus, suit a wide array of play styles. The game has a massive scope and so we’d be remiss if we weren’t a little worried about bugs at launch, but regardless, we can’t wait to jump in. Are you looking forward to jumping in?  Let us know!

By Seasoned Gaming

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