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Rumor : Dark Souls 1 Remaster Coming to Xbox One, PS4, and Switch

One of the more exciting rumors we’ve stumbled upon this morning involves a remastered Dark Souls and the Switch!

Bandai Namco is holding an event on December 15th and it has been touted by Marcus Sellars on Twitter that “5 unannounced games will be shown at the event”. A follow up Tweet, that was later deleted, stated that one of those would be a remaster of the original Dark Souls and it would not only be coming to the PS4 and Xbox One, but the Switch as well.

While the original Tweet was deleted, this being the internet, it was already captured and saved:


Our Take

This is exciting news. With games being so heavily optimized for the Xbox One X and PS4 Pro, it would be amazing to have an updated version of Dark Souls 1 for the platforms. And of course, it would be fantastic to be able to take Dark Souls on the go with the Switch as well!  We hope this one is true and we will keep you posted as we hear more.


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