343 Industries Commits to Updating Halo : The Master Chief Collection

Halo fans everywhere rejoiced just a short while ago on the news that Bonnie Ross, Head of 343 Industries, had spoken about updating The Master Chief Collection during a live stream.

Details are still scarce but it seems the rumored complications around how MCC was built, such as running on six different engines, were the main factors for taking so long. However, Bonnie stated that a team has been brought on to help with the coding and due to the more recent Xbox One Ecosystem updates, it will finally be possible. The Halo Twitter account confirmed this just a short while ago.

I, along with nearly everyone else who plays Halo, have been waiting for this news for a couple of years now. Better late than never has never been more relevant. The added bonus of “Xbox One X enhancements” is exciting as well as it could mean (possibly) that we will see the best versions yet of the classic Halo games. I’ll be following along closely to this development and will update the site should we learn more!


By Ains

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