Epic Announces a Battle Royale Mode for Fortnite

In yet another surprise today, Epic Games has announced that a 100 player, PVP, Battle Royale mode is coming to Fortnite on September 26th. Few details:

  • The game mode is not 100% finalized and will be run on test servers starting today. So expect to encounter bugs and potential crashes. The mode will launch for everyone on September 26th as noted.
  • Your character’s PVE level will not impact the PVP experience. Everyone will be equal level.
  • To encourage new players, the standard and deluxe editions of Fortnite will be 25% off between September 12th and 18th.

You can find the full update from Epic here : Fortnite Battle Royale Announcement

Our Take

This is a very welcome surprise. It’s obvious that Epic had been working on this for a while as this is not the type of mode that can simply be put together overnight. It’s also great to hear that all players will be on even level so that the players far ahead in the PVE game won’t have an advantage. We’re greatly looking forward to this and Porshapwr will likely offer some updated impressions post-release.

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