Halo Summer Celebration Kicks Off with Great News for Halo Fans

Halo fans certainly got a treat today with some big announcements. First up, 343i has confirmed an Xbox One X update for Halo 5 including “true” 4K support.  Fans had been wondering why Halo 5 wasn’t included in the Xbox One X list at E3 but they have to worry no more!

Next, 343i is bringing Halo CE Anniversary, Halo 3, Halo 3 ODST, and Halo 4 all to backwards compatibility.  Even better, every single map pack and DLC for all titles will be made free.  This means of course that multiplayer with all map packs will be playable on the Xbox One.  For fans wanting to play a specific title or specific playlists, this is a dream come true.


There were other big announcements as well including additional Halo Wars 2 DLC, new Halo figures from Mattel, info on RTX and Dreamhack, a new Dark Horse comic series highlighting Atriox, and more.  You can find all the details here : Halo Summer Celebration Details

Our Take

This is excellent news for Xbox owners and especially, Halo fans. Players like myself have been waiting to revisit specific titles and playlists on the Xbox One and we will soon be able to.  All DLC going free is also a great play by 343i and I’d love to see more companies do this with their older multiplayer titles.


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