Meet Polygon Treehouse, the New Indie Studio Making Roki


Earlier this year, Guerrilla Cambridge got the news no development studio wants to receive ; they were closing. Sony officially shut the studio down in January and the developers of RIGS for PlayStation VR was suddenly out of work.

But just a short while later, Tom Jones and Alex Kanaris, Art Directors for Guerrilla Cambridge, founded their own studio named Polygon Treehouse.  Their first title is a point and click adventure named Roki which is inspired by Scandinavian folklore.  As a young girl, you travel into the wilderness to attempt to save your family but according to the devs, the game has a darker side more akin to a grown up fantasy.  Roki will be out sometime in 2018 and you can find the reveal trailer below:

Our Take

As with platformers, point and click adventures seem to be experiencing a rebirth. Roki looks to capitalize on that while offering a very unique and compelling art style.  Hearing the developers mention Babadook (a tremendous recent horror movie) as an inspiration while hinting that the game will be more “adult” fantasy themed is music to our ears.  We will certainly be keeping our eye on this one.


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