Call of Duty World War 2 : Details from the Livestream


We’ve learned a lot about COD WW2 today and we’re going to simply sum it up for you.


  • The game follows the 1st Infantry Division otherwise known as the Fighting First.
  • It will feature real settings and iconic locations with a narrative that spans the war.
  • There are two characters currently confirmed as playable but the entire cast will span many characters and nations.
  • The goal is to highlight the fact that it was a global war and not simply to provide an American perspective.
  • Sledgehammer is aiming to demonstrate the humanity and struggle behind the soldiers in both the Axis and Allies armies.
  • Squad members will have some usable abilities.
  • Not all squad members will survive (details are vague).
  • There is no automatic health regeneration.
  • Weather, lighting, and gun/environmental sounds were heavily focused on.


  • Obviously it’s a return to boots on the ground with no “abilities”.
  • The arsenal will feature classics like the Garand but also shotguns and LMGs.
  • Maps will be designed around key locations from the war as well with different weapons having more impact depending on the location.


  • The game introduces a new co-op mode called “War”.  It’s described as a series of scenarios involving “scenario driven conflicts”.
  • War will focus heavily on squad play versus the more lone wolf approach of traditional COD multiplayer.
  • Zombies mode has been confirmed but details are vague other than it being “an entirely new experience”.


  • A new “hub” called Headquarters will make it’s debut where players can meet up and recognize each other’s achievements, join games, etc….
  • It’s described as a purely “social space”.


We’ll continue to share details on COD WW2 as they become available.  Stay tuned!


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