Hot Shots Golf Returns this Summer on PS4!

Hot Shots Golf, or as it’s seemingly been renamed Everybody’s Golf in the US, finally lands on the PS4 on August 29th.  One of the longest running series on Playstation, Everybody’s Golf looks to bring that typical mix of fun gameplay and realistic physics back to golf video games.  PlayStation shared the launch trailer today:

The game will retail for $39.99 ($49.99 CAD) and include bonuses for those that choose to pre-order including an additional anniversary course.  You can find the details on Sony’s blog here:  Everybody’s Golf Announcement

Our Take

Hot Shots Golf has been around for many years and for fans of the series, no other golf game offers the same experience.  We’ve been wondering when Everybody’s Golf would eventually show up on PS4 and it seems we have our answer.  And thankfully, it’s rather soon!


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