Starbreeze to Publish Psychonauts 2


Starbreeze Publishing announced this morning that they will be investing in, and publishing, Double Fine’s upcoming Psychonauts 2.  The game, a direct sequel to 2005’s critically acclaimed Psychonauts, will be released in 2018 on Consoles and PC.  While it was originally funded through FIG (which you can find here ), this deal helps to secure much greater funding thus likely allowing the game to be larger and to appear on more platforms.

Starbreeze’s CEO, Bo-Andersson Klint had this to say about the deal:

Many of us gamers who’ve grown up during 70’s and 80’s have at some point come across the great games from Double Fine and Tim Schafer. Games like Grim Fandango, Day of the Tentacle, Full Throttle, and Brütal Legend are all in the list of personal all time favorites for many of us. We’re very proud to be able to add this prominent collaboration to our Publishing business. Starbreeze is looking forward to support Double Fine in bringing the new and exciting game Psychonauts 2 to young and old gamers world wide.

You can find Starbreeze’s official announcement here:Starbreeze to publish Psychonauts 2

Our Take

Psychonauts is a highly beloved platforming classic.  The announcement of Psychonauts 2 caused great excitement for fans and this announcement today should do the same.  With additional funding and time for development, Psychonauts 2 will hopefully be the complete sequel fans have been clamoring for for over a decade now.  SG can’t wait!



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