Xbox Celebrates its 15 Year Anniversary!


Today marks the 15 year anniversary of the launch of the Xbox, and thus Halo as well.  The team at Xbox has been celebrating all day with events and live streams and we at SG simply wanted to acknowledge the occasion.  Thank you Microsoft for the Xbox and the memories Xbox consoles have provided over the past 15 years!

Phil Spencer, ever classy, posted this today which we applaud:


And let’s certainly not forget to acknowledge Halo ; an FPS that redefined the genre on consoles and has been a mainstay for both shooter and Xbox fans for the past 15 years.  To celebrate, 343i is holding a live stream today at 3:43pm PST which you should certainly tune into if you’re a fan.  They also posted this gorgeous image today:


Congrats to everyone at Microsoft, Xbox, and 343i!


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