The Division Takes a Step Back


Massive Entertainment, developers of The Division, have decided to delay their upcoming DLC offerings to instead focus on improving the core game over the next several weeks.  Originally, the second expansion Survival was expected to launch in September with the final expansion, Last Stand, expected late this year.  Instead, Massive is focusing on patch 1.4 which they say will address many of the concerns of the community.

The Division, despite strong sales, has faced a large reduction in player base since launch. The vocal community has noted a wide range of server,  balance, and gear related issues. Improving the core game before adding additional content has widely been accepted as the proper course of action with the majority of fans applauding the decision.

Our take

I feel this is the proper course of action.  While I enjoy my time with The Division, I understand the complaints and hope Massive will please their fan base with needed improvements. Balanced correctly, The Division has a lot of life in it yet.


By Ains

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