Review Policy

Here at SG, we handle reviews a little differently from most sites. As with everything we do, we believe in giving our full, honest, and unbiased viewpoint. However, while most sites race to meet an arbitrary deadline to publish their reviews, typically based on pre-release copies, we prefer to take a different approach.

Given the state of today’s industry with day one patches and the often on-going development of titles post-launch, we chose to only offer a final review of a title once we have experienced it in the wild as all other players have. While we will continue to play and discuss pre-release copies of games where allowed, our final review will always be based on a game’s release to the public and only once complete. From there, if the title deserves it and scores a 7 or above, we will award it with an SG Medal. The medals are as follows:

Historic: Awarded only to titles that represent a truly generational level achievement by the developer. These titles have a significant and notable impact on future game development and/or the industry as a whole. They are immediate entries into the SG Game of the Year discussion in the year of their release and will be remembered for generations.

Sensational: Awarded to titles that push the boundaries in nearly all areas and stand superior when compared to peer titles across the industry. These titles demonstrate a level of story, character, or world development that is highly memorable and not plagued with any notable issues.

Superb: Awarded to titles that demonstrate noteworthy design elements and gameplay experiences while being free from any glaring faults.

Honorable: Awarded to titles that exhibit qualities that bear mentioning and despite some possible shortcomings in areas, demonstrate more positives than negatives.

A summary description of why the game was awarded the medal will be provided by the reviewer along with some rankings in key attributes. The title will then be discussed more thoroughly by the reviewer and other SG members on the next published Bitcast episode.

As always, we sincerely thank you for your support and always appreciate feedback.

Ains, Bert, and Dan