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Even though our site, channel, and community continues to grow in 2022, we continue to believe that our uncompromising model best serves the gaming community. We’ve never strayed from our ideals of creating honest gaming journalism with no “angles” or “clickbait.”

But as always, we believe in being completely transparent. And the fact is that running a bigger site that requires more integrations and support isn’t cheap. And with no ad revenue nor paid promotions, it’s grown into a costly endeavor. While we’re not necessarily fans of paywalls, we believe we can offer genuine value to those who choose to support us and our goals of creating honest gaming journalism. So if you enjoy our content, and want to see more of it, we have created a Patreon where you can support us directly.

100% of the revenue goes directly back to the site and its contributors for content production. We continue to believe that the best gaming coverage comes from those who create it purely out of passion. Our Patreon aids us in that belief and we sincerely thank you for considering supporting us on this journey.

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Your support has been amazing and we’re excited to keep growing with you and your input.


Here are some examples of our Patron-exclusive discussions to date!

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