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Review Policy

Reviews across the industry vary greatly.  Here at SG we take issue with the way a lot of sites publish reviews.  Rather than detail what we think is wrong with a lot of review policies, we’ll simply tell you how (and when) we conduct reviews.  Here are our review tenets:

  • We do not publish numbered scores.  We feel they lead to raced judgement and aren’t indicative of a game’s potential value to its respective audience. While this leads to limitations in the way our reviews are categorized on aggregate sites, we feel it’s the right thing to do.
  • We do not race to publish a review on a deadline.  We only publish a review once we’ve had ample time with the game and only copies of the game as they can be played by anyone (while we play pre-release copies, we base our reviews on final releases).
  • We do not publish condensed, “to the point”, reviews simply for the sake of having a review on the site.  Rather, we attempt to provide greater insight into the game ; its developer, the engine used, the way mechanics are designed, and other information we would want to know as enthusiast gamers ourselves.
  • Our goal is to give a recommendation based on the audience we feel the game is catering to. While we have several “levels” of positive and negative recommendations, they do not directly correlate to a score. Instead, we will attempt to provide comparisons and context to other games in the same genre for reference. We feel this is much more personal than simply telling people, who have vastly different tastes, what they should or should not buy.
  • We are platform agnostic.  The platform you choose to play games on is not our concern and thus while we will highlight what platform(s) a game is for, we will not do any technical comparisons between them. Our focus is the content of the game itself. We will however call out exclusive game modes or features for specific platforms should they exist.
  • As with everything here at SG, we are not in this for profit nor do we worry about our visitor count.  As such, our reviews are SG’s or the Contributor’s opinion solely and nothing more.


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