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Industry Associations

Instead of allowing ads or paid promotions on our site/videos, we work with other companies across the video game industry who simply love gaming as much as we do. Here are a few of the companies we associate with.


OpenCritic is a review aggregate site that publicly displays all algorithms used in their ratings while also highlighting the sites and authors in a more personal way. You can find us on Open Critic here:  Seasoned Gaming



LFG Radio was founded on the idea of bringing people together with the common interests of music and video games. Just like us here at SG, LFG does it for the love of music and gaming so it felt like a perfect match. We’ll be providing headlines, news, and segments of the SG Bitcasts to be broadcast on LFG so make sure to tune in! You can visit LFG, and find all of their social info, here: LFG Radio Home



Jump is a subscription gaming service that brings a wealth of indie titles to your PC for a low monthly fee. Jump’s methodology in how they support developers and deliver games to their clients is innovative. If you enjoy frequently trying new titles from smaller developers, you should check out Jump! You can find all of their info here: Play on Jump

You can also find Ainsley Bowden’s interview of Anthony Palma, CEO of Jump, below!

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