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Here you can find what the SG crew are currently playing. This is updated weekly and we will share our thoughts about each game which can range from a few sentences to a short review. As always, we love discussing gaming on a daily basis so feel free to reach out to us online, via Twitter, or through our Facebook Chat Group.

Ainsley Bowden : @Porshapwr

Bert Saenz : @Treb_SG


Ains : The moment we’ve been waiting for for months ; the Blackout beta is here. We’ve been playing it and enjoying it though for me personally, not as much as I expected. It runs smoothly and seems to be well developed, but it’s definitely more “arcadey” than I hoped with light gunplay and fast rounds.


Ains : I had to use the oversized Gretzky picture – I mean comon. NHL 19 is finally here for everyone. Let me say, even if you aren’t a hockey fan in real life, I argue that there is no better sport that translates to a video game. It’s fast, hard hitting, and loads of fun especially when playing with your friends in EASHL. This will be a go-to for a year now.


Ains : We’re continually playing PUBG on the Xbox and the team at PUBG Corp. has done a tremendous job of continuing to update the game as the official 1.0 release is finally out. Not many games get our competitive veins pumped like PUBG so I don’t see us slowing down with this one for a very long time.

Bert : The most fun you can have with online MP at the moment for me and my local friends. Such a great time. Version 1.0 is now out and we’ve had a blast with the new map and content.


Bert : It’s here and I’m very excited to report that all the fun is back for another year. While these are starting to become a “Madden Roster Update” I’m glad they’ve implemented all the new rules and the dreaded halo to the cars. Should have some gameplay impressions up soon in video and written format.


Bert : While personally being one of Far Cry’s biggest critics due to its repetitive nature, I’ve come back to this game looking for the fun factor every one else fell in love with at the start of 2018. While warming up to the game, I still struggle with the sluggish gameplay and fetch quests. At minimum, I’ll be completing the main missions and a few side missions. It is beautiful though.


Bert : The biggest superhero game of the year comes out swinging with the most fun I’ve had in a game this year. The only downside is how fast it may end.

Ains : I don’t care for Marvel or Superhero movies/games often, but I have to admit I’m having a lot of fun with Spider-Man. Insomniac Games did a tremendous job with the mechanics so even if you aren’t interested in the story you can still enjoy yourself!


Bert : As a massive fan of the first I had to grab this one at launch. So far I’m not really sure what to think of the new game as it appears dated back to the time of Rise. This also appears to be a lot more emotional Lara than before. Will give more impressions as I progress.

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