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Red Dead 2

Ains : Rockstar’s next masterpiece is here. We’ve waited years but the time is finally upon us and as expected, they haven’t disappointed. RDR2 is a game that will change the industry going forward – a new high bar for game development.


Ains : The latest Call of Duty has landed and while I didn’t anticipate playing the title too heavily, it has completely sucked me in. The biggest surprise here is the multiplayer which feels broader and more tactical than before which is a big plus in my opinion.

Bert : This game will remain in rotation due solely to the social aspect and the continuing updates that Treyarch has been releasing. While better than we expected, it still feels a lot like COD.


Ains : Forza Horizon 4 has taken over for SG since the Ultimate Edition’s release on Friday. Somehow Playground Games continues to raise the bar with what is likely the greatest open world racing game ever made. We can’t put it down.


Ains : I had to use the oversized Gretzky picture – I mean comon. NHL 19 is finally here for everyone. Let me say, even if you aren’t a hockey fan in real life, I argue that there is no better sport that translates to a video game. It’s fast, hard hitting, and loads of fun especially when playing with your friends in EASHL. This will be a go-to for a year now.


Ains : We’re continually playing PUBG on the Xbox and the team at PUBG Corp. has done a tremendous job of continuing to update the game as the official 1.0 release is finally out. Not many games get our competitive veins pumped like PUBG so I don’t see us slowing down with this one for a very long time.

Bert : The most fun you can have with online MP at the moment for me and my local friends. Such a great time. Version 1.0 is now out and we’ve had a blast with the new map and content.


Bert : While the full game hasn’t been released and will be releasing in stages, I’ve had a great time despite all the glitches and balancing issues I’ve encountered. I really wish DICE would release games in near complete format. Thankfully I went in eyes wide open.


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