About SG

I founded SG in response to large number of “gaming” sites that are driven solely by controversy and clickbait. I wanted to provide honest gaming journalism with integrity and no filler. With that in mind, SG has a few tenets:

  • Our content across all channels is not monetized, and never will be. All content including the site, channel, and podcasts are created purely out of passion for the hobby.
  • We don’t post unfounded rumors nor sensationalist headings. There’s too much of it in the industry and we hate it as much as you do.
  • Every contributor at SG owns and plays on all platforms.
  • We won’t republish official articles or videos under SG accounts. Rather, we will inform you of the news and provide you the official links to support the developers directly (as they’re the ones who deserve it).

As the site grew, I brought on my good friend Bert Saenz who has provided additional content across the SG channels including many of the informational videos on our YouTube channel. We then began the SG Bitcast, a podcast covering the latest news and topics across the industry.

Recently, Dan Rodriguez has joined the Bitcast as our third permanent member, thus allowing us to provide even more well-rounded conversation on the industry.

You can also find the three of us on our latest venture Backseat Gaming, our take on the Let’s Play formula that adds a dose of comedy.

Dan Rodriguez, Ainsley Bowden, Bert Saenz

We love meeting new members of the gaming community so leave a comment on an article you enjoy here, find SG on Twitter, or if you’d like to join a mature, moderated gaming discussion group, please check out ourĀ Facebook Group as well.

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