Avalanche Studios (Just Cause) Re-Organizes, Teases New FPS


The development studio behind the Just Cause series is breaking into three unique studios with a focus on different projects.

Avalanche Studios is re-branding to Avalanche Studios Group and will encompass the following going forward:

  • Avalanche Studios will continue developing major titles such as Just Cause and Rage 2.
  • Expansive Worlds will develop outdoor games such as the Hunter : Call of the Wild.
  • Systemic Worlds will develop new, unique titles which will be self-published.

ASG has said that “several titles are in development” and that Systemic Worlds is currently working on an unannounced FPS title which they teased with a very brief clip via IGN here.

Our Take

As we always comment, it’s great to see game development expanding and new opportunities for the next-generation of developers. We wish ASG all the best with the new organization and self-publishing and we’ll keep you updated as we learn more!



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